1. Eight Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

    Chances are that you know the benefits of listening to classical music. It’s probably on in your doctor’s office, used as a mood-setter at your favorite restaurant, or what you turn on softly to help you fall asleep on those nights when you can’t wind down or turn your mind off. There have been countless studies conducted on the benefits and reasons why classical music is so relaxing and why…Read More

  2. Seven Reasons to Learn A Musical Instrument

    Whether you’re five or 65, learning a musical instrument is a wonderful way to expand your personal growth and move out of your comfort zone in a fun and exciting way. In this blog, we’ll discuss some incredible reasons to take up a musical instrument that will hopefully convince you to enroll yourself or your children in music lessons or education. If you’re searching for an incredible live…Read More

  3. Help Your Child Love Classical Music!

    Music is one of the most incredible gifts of life. Its many different forms have a way of calming, inspiring, saddening, uplifting, and reinvigorating its listeners. While music is an amazing way to express emotions and feelings, it can be hard to motivate children to be interested in playing or learning a musical instrument because it might not be considered what’s “cool” among their peer g…Read More

  4. Why Rocktopia’s Mix of Classical Music, Opera, and Classic Rock Makes Sense: Part Two

    Since the end of the original baroque rock era of the 1960s, classical music and opera have continued to flirt and cross-pollinate with each other. In this blog we’ll cover some examples of this ongoing combination of exciting genres. If you’re looking for a way to experience the magic of rock and roll combined with opera and classical music in a live setting or on an exciting DVD, check out R…Read More

  5. Why Rocktopia’s Mix of Classical Music, Opera, and Classic Rock Makes Sense: Part One

    While musical mashups are nothing new, they’re usually just combinations of songs from different genres within modern music. A contemporary crooner’s ballad might be laid on top of a hip-hop beat, or you might find a rock song with the normal vocals replaced with the airy whispers of a dreamy pop singer. These mashups can be great but they usually don’t seem too daring after the initial shoc…Read More